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My first fan fic

Just trying to make my first one....Don't know how it would turn out.

 Please comments......

 Title: Surrender to love
Pairing: Yoko Tacchon
Rating:????? (I just don't know how to rate)
Genre: fun (Is this a genre? XD)

Title: Surrender to love
Pairing: Yoko Tacchon
Rating:????? (I just don't know how to rate)
Genre: fun (Is this a genre? XD)

Being in love……..

Means that your destiny is not on your hand anymore

Means that you are dependant completely on what your loved one does

Means that you are no longer belong to yourself

That is why being in love is often said as “surrendering” yourself.


Tacchon’s Side:

“Tacchon, your room is next to him right? So you should carry him to his room, ok?” And everyone just left him with the drunken Yoko to be taken care of.

“Haah, why me???” Tacchon sigh while he bring Yoko up and carry him.

Today all of the members go together to the bar to celebrate Yoko’s birthday. They have a little party there and Yoko was drinking too much. Now he is lying in the bar’s table, rather unconscious.

“Umph you’re so heavy, you should lose some weight you know...”




“Here we go” Tacchon toss Yoko to his bed.


“You can take care of yourselves right? I’m leaving okay…” Tacchon said as he walks to the door. But his shirt was pulled and he lost his balance and fall into the bed next to Yoko.

“It’s cold…..” Yoko said as he cuddled closer to Tacchon

“Hey Yoko!! I’m not your personal heater y’ know” Tacchon said as he tried to escape Yoko’s embrace.


It is not unusual he got a hug like this from Yoko, but usually it was just for some fan service or just when Yoko is feeling so happy that he would hug everyone he meets.

And it is usually not him who got most of Yoko’s affection. Yoko is usually more affectionate toward Hina and Yasu, the other Eito members.

Not that he is jealous of them, but sometimes he feels like Yoko does not really care about him and does not feel anything when he is away.


Once Yoko even said, that even without Tacchon, their show will just go as good and fun as usual and nothing will be different since Tacchon is only a “wall decorator” in their group. (That time he could not join the show because he was on a shoot of a dorama).


He knows Yoko was just joking but when he saw that particular show, it felt like something broken inside him. He could not think of what Yoko said as just some joke.

He doesn’t like that kind of feeling, why would every word Yoko said mean so much to him? It is as if his happiness and sadness depends on what Yoko does to him.




But this time, Yoko held him so close like he needs him very badly and Tacchon could feel Yoko’s breath in his neck. Tacchon starts to feel something stirring inside him and it is going right to his lower part.

“Good God, let go of me, now!!!”

But instead of letting him go, Yoko starts to slip his hands inside Tacchon’s shirt.

“Hmm, warm….” He said dreamily.


“Is he dreaming??? Yoko wake up, don’t start ravishing me just because you think I am someone else!!!” Tacchon scream in Yoko’s ear.

“Hmm Tacchon?”

“Yes it is me, now let me go!”

“Why are you here?”

“Stupid question….I had to bring you here because you are….. Hmphm!!!” Yoko was suddenly kissing him intently and stopping Tacchon’s word.

It is the first time Yoko had ever kissed him and it is not just a kiss but a very passionate kiss that makes Tacchon loses the power and the will to let himself go. For a while he cannot do anything except kissing back.


“You taste sweet….even sweeter than I have always imagine” Yoko sighed and he started to run his hands under Tacchon’s shirt and rubbing his nipple intently.

 “Even sweeter than he has always imagined? He imagines this????” Tacchon is confused.



“Is this a dream?? The real Tacchon will not be here-in my bed-beside me-in the middle of the night-like this” Whisper Yoko while he started to unzip Tacchon’s pants.

“Wait wait!!! Yoko, what are you doing???” Said Tachhon in a surprised tone.

“Could you shut up?? Even if this is just a dream I want to enjoy it as best as I can” said Yoko while he rolls Tacchon so he is lying face down and Yoko is pining him down.


“He’s still thinking that he is dreaming?” Thought Tacchon. “And how could he become so strong like this.” Tacchon is taller and bigger than Yoko but this time Yoko can easily pin him down like this.

Tacchon feels something hard and hot poking his back and he can easily figure out what it is. 

Yoko has succeeded in pulling Tacchon’s pants down entirely.

Suddenly Yoko’s hand has already cupping Tacchon’s shaft and started to stroke it slowly.

“Aah….” Tacchon could not stop a pleased sigh slip out off his lips.


“You like it, don’t you?” Yoko asks with a smirk in his lips. 

Yoko start to rub Tacchon’s hole with his finger and slip one finger in.

“Aahh Yoko……”

“Yes….tell me where to touch, where does it felt good?”

“There, there…..right there……Aaahhh”

“Your whimpering is so cute, y’ know? I love it so much. I love YOU so much!!!”

“He loves me??? It must be the alcohol talking…”



“Sorry but I could not hold on any longer, I have to enter you right now”

Then he just thrust hard into Tacchon.

“Aaawh……” Tacchon winched, it hurts…..

“Being inside you feels so good……” Yoko just stays still for a while


 “Can I move now?” Ask Yoko with heavy breathing and Tacchon know how much Yoko has tried to control himself.

 “Uh huh” he finally whispered.

Yoko started to move slowly inside him, trying to find Tacchon’s pleasure spot

The pain has now subsided, replaced by a deep tension building in him waiting to bursts.

“Aah Aaah Ahh, Yes there……Harder harder!!”

“You’re quite a slut you know……”


He doesn’t care anymore about being a slut, all he care about now is how to get Yoko to continue fuck him hard until he burst.

He started to move his hips slowly against Yoko, pushing it against Yoko so he would enter him deeper.


Yoko starts to help him by keep stroking him in rhythm with thrusting him deeper.

It doesn’t take long until Tacchon finally burst all over Yoko’s bed.

“Now it’s my turn….” Just few more thrusting and Tacchon could feel Yoko shuddered hard against him and come inside him while screaming Tacchon’s name.

And he just collapses on top of Tacchon.


The morning after



“Why are you here?”

“I’m the one who take you back here”

“Why are you naked? And why am I also naked? Why are YOU here?”

“What do you think?”

Yoko cannot say anything at all…..

“Apparently, he is always this bad when he is just awake”

“So, last night was not a dream??” Yoko finally said after what feels like forever




Another silence

“Hummmph…..Huahahahahahahahahahaha” Tacchon suddenly cannot stop laughing

He never sees Yoko this speechless and he just cannot hold his laughter back.

“What are you laughing about” He said, rather pouting

“No, nothing. You are just too funny….Huahahahaha”


“Stop it!! There is nothing funny about this situation. Don’t you realize that this is really a big big mistake???”


Tacchon’s laughter stops abruptly.

“Big mistake??? Last night when you make love to me you said you love me, but when you’re not in the mood for sex you said I’m a big mistake??? Fine, if you really think this is a big mistake let’s just pretend nothing ever happened at all. It will not make any difference at all to me!!!!” Tacchon suddenly feels his eyes sting and he fight hard to push back his tears.


This is what he doesn’t like about being in love. One moment he could be laughing so hard like that, but with one sentence from his loved one, it could immediately sent him to the fringe of tears.

He jump down from the bed and quickly look for his clothes which are scattered all over the floor.


But as soon as he started to move away from the bed, a hand grabs his hand and pulls him back to the bed, right into Yoko’s arms

“I’m sorry, that is not what I meant. I mean YOU make a big mistake by doing this with me. For me, I’m so happy when I wake up to found you are sleeping in my arms like this. I’ve hold this love for you for quite a long time already, so I guess last night, with help from alcohol,  my self control is broken. I’m really sorry……….”

Yoko’s voice is shaking when he said this.


“None of us make mistakes….” is all Tacchon can said.

He turns around to face Yoko – whose face is so pale and sweating like crazy – and kiss him softly.

Yoko was immediately startled. He obviously did not even think that Tacchon would kiss him.

“Wha……” Yoko was blushing furiously.

“Hmmmph, huahahahahaha. You should see yourself right now. Huahahahahaha.”


Tacchon is thrown in a fit of hysteria and he could not stop laughing even when Yoko pushed him down and straddle him to the bed.

He only stops laughing when Yoko starts to lick his nipple and suck it slowly.

His laughter turns into soft moans almost immediately.

“You better be prepared for your punishment for laughing at me like that….” Said Yoko seriously with eyes – which are looking straight into Tacchon’s eyes – that promised many nights of self abandon, total pleasure and love stronger than anything………


 Tacchon is really expecting his punishments.


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