Lawi (lawi_chan) wrote in kanjani8,

[Fic Request] Subassan...Very random ...

I know this is kinda weird but here it goes.... I've already gone through comunities and tags, and archive search to find a Subassan fic... trust me I've done alot (even waiting for months) before coming here and spam your friend list

The thing is I can't even remember the date, but it was something like Baru felt Yasu was having something with Maru becuz he found a "letter" on Yasu's pocket, that in the end it turned out to be lyrics he was writting for Baru with the help of Maru....
Mh... It was def NC-17 XD, It has sulky Baru, who has wild sex with Yasu, who has no idea why Baru is being so sexily hard on him XD and I don't know what else.... For some reason I've been wanting to re-read that fic for months and months...

Please the author of this fic or someone who read it and knows where to find it...
Thank you

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction, requests

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