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Cast announced for "Yasuko to Kenji"

The cast has now been revealed for NTV's drama series "Yasuko to Kenji," which was first announced last month with TOKIO's Masahiro Matsuoka as the lead. The show is based on a comedy manga about a former gang leader named Kenji, who becomes a shojo manga artist to support him and his sister after their parents pass away.

Mikako Tabe is playing the role of Kenji's sister Yasuko. Kanjani8's Tadayoshi Okura has been cast as Yasuko's love interest Jun, while Ryoko Hirosue has been given the heroine role as Jun's older sister Erika, the former head of a ladies' gang that took over her family's flower shop. Erika had fallen in love with Kenji many years ago, while they were both still gang members. Sayaka Yamaguchi has also been announced as a cast member, playing a former underling of Erika.

"Yasuko to Kenji" premieres on July 12.

source: tokyograph
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