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[Translation/Scan] 2 newspapers clippings

It seems like the hype for Last Friends is getting bigger and bigger as it comes to an end soon. I found 2 articles from 2 different Chinese newspaper, both about how the ratings are rising and Ryo being nothing like his character, Sousuke, in real life. I've taken the liberty of scanning and roughly translating them (from Chinese to English). Please excuse my poor translation as this is my first time doing it. I apologize if I've totally twisted the meanings of the words as I don't know enough vocabulary in either of the languages to translate properly.

Ratings increase as the end of the drama nears

Last Friends, starring Nagasawa Masami, Ueno Juri, Eita and Nishikido Ryo, opened with a mediocre rating of 13.9%. However, its depiction of the frustrations that come with love and hate attracted the younger audiences, earning it a favourable review and caused the ratings to climb. As the end draws near, the storyline thickens. The rating for the second last episode reached an astonishing 20.7%, the highest it had ever been and beat Kimura Takuya’s Change (19.5%) in the rankings. The number one spot was still occupied by Gokusen 3 with 21.3%.

Nishikido Ryo, who plays Masami’s abusive boyfriend, is becoming increasingly popular due to his praised acting skills. Despite his character’s violent personality, rumour has it Ryo is actually a really nice person in real life, always a gentleman and would gladly pick up the tab when eating-out with others.

Ryo’s suicide causes the rating to go up to an all-time high

Last week’s episode ended with Nishikido Ryo trying to rape Ueno Juri, which caused this week’s ratings to shoot up to an all-time high, surpassing the 20.0% mark to reach 20.7%, beating Kimura Takuya’s Change (19.5%). This week’s episode was even more exciting, with Ueno Juri managing to escape and Nagasawa Masami’s confrontation with Nishikido Ryo, which resulted in her being hit and subsequently raped. It ended with Masami finding an unconscious Ryo holding a blood-stained wedding dress, setting up for next week’s finale, featuring a pregnant Masami.

Even though Nishikido Ryo plays a hated character in the drama, in real life, he’s known to be a very nice person, treating others to meals and is especially popular among his male friends.

I LOL-ed at the part where they say Ryo is a complete opposite from Sousuke. ^o^

I'm so sorry for not putting a spoiler alert on this! It didn't even hit me, I apologize sincerely for my stupidity.
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