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Nisemono Awards!

     I've seen enough Johnny's video remakes -- so I know people love doing em...

      SO, I bring to you....NISEMONO!

     If you need more info on the convention itself -- please feel free to visit our website [http://www.dot-con.com] or our Livejournal Comm [http://community.livejournal.com/dotcon/profile] or if you have any questions -- email us at info@dot-con.com.

     I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Johnny's fans can come up with!!


     There are five things you need to know before entering a submission for a Niseimono award or submitting an entry for Nisemono:

  1. What is Nisemono?
  2. 偽物 / ニセもの / にせもの / nisemono
    spurious article; forgery; counterfeit; imitation; sham

         Basically, Nisemono means fake in Japanese.

         Nisemono is about not only recreating or impersonating (faking) music videos, movie trailers, anime and television dramas but also having fun while doing so.
  3. How do I create a Nisemono submission?

    1. Pick something you want to imitate.
    2. Grab a camera.
    3. Coerce some friends into participating.
    4. Film it.
    5. Submit it!

    It’s just that simple!

  4. My video isn’t exact, can I still submit it?
  5.      YES! You can still submit it. We have several categories; just make sure you enter it under the proper category. Remember it’s the fun you have making it that counts in the end.
  6. How do I submit?
  7.      Please see the submission section. It’s quite easy; all you really need is internet access.
  8. When is the deadline?
  9.      The deadline for ALL submissions is OCTOBER 1ST. We will, under no circumstances, accept entries after this date.

  1. All submissions must be more than 30 seconds and less than 5 minutes.
  2. Content must be PG or PG-13 appropriate (http://www.filmratings.com/questions.htm#Q5).
  3. Submitted footage must be original.
  4. The submitter must be involved in the production of the video (acting, editing, filming, wardrobe etc…).
  5. We are not picky. The production quality doesn’t have to be perfect but it is important that every video or submission adhere to the principles of Nisemono.
  6. If you are remaking a music video, movie, television drama or anime, you must come up with your own variation of the original title. Entries with the same title as the original will not be accepted.
    • Example 1.
      1. ORIGINAL: L’arc~en~ciel – Blurry Eyes
      2. NISEMONO: Lark~in~Cell – Flurry Skies
    • Example 2.
      1. ORIGINAL: Naruto - Enter: Naruto Uzumaki! (EP01)
      2. NISEMONO: Notruto – Engage: Notruto Usomaki! (EP01)
    Please note: the above examples cannot be used for your submission. Try to be creative and come up with something clever!
  7. No dubbing or subbing of movies, anime, dramas or music videos is allowed; you or your group members must be in the video.
  8. The video must be in .avi format.


     There are 5 categories in which you can participate. An short explanation of each one is as follows:
  1. Movie Trailer
  2.      A trailer is a short explanation or synopsis of the movie plot. You may emulate movie trailers or summarize the movie plot from beginning to end using key scenes.
  3. Music Video
  4.      A music video is a three to five minute visual representation of an artist’s song. You may use the original song by the artist or remake your own version.
  5. Television Drama
  6.      A television drama is a series of episodes depicting a story in an hour or less. You may either do a key scene or a montage of key scenes in order to summarize the plot.
  7. Anime
  8.      Anime is Japanese animation. You may emulate animated characters in episodes by doing key scenes or a montage of key scenes in order to summarize the series. Your entry must be live-action.
  9. Video Games
  10.      A video is defined as a style of game existing as and controlled by software, usually run by a video game console or a computer. You may emulate characters from video games and act out key scenes, FMVs or battle sequences. Your entry must be live-action.
  11. What If...
  12.      What if Gackt had a PV for U+K? What if Domyouji married his fiancé instead of Makino? What if Kenshin didn’t take the seashell at the end? We are looking for the answers. This category is for the submissions that are interpretations of video-less songs, alternate ends, plot twits and endings. It is also open to Cosplay skits in filmed format.


     To submit an entry, please send an email to special_events@dot-con.com with the following information:
SUBJECT: NISEMONO: Group Name – Nisemono Title
Group Name:
Nisemono Title:
Group Representative’s Name:
Rep E-mail:
Submission Category:
Download Link:
Streaming Link: (optional)
Original Title:
     An explanation of the sections of the form is as follows:
  1. Group Name
  2.      Please come up with a group name for your submission. The name may be a play on the original or a completely original name. If you are working solo you may submit your real name if you wish.
  3. Nisemono Title
  4.      The Nisemono title is a title you come up with for your video. It may be a play on the original title of what you are impersonating (the title of a song, episode name, etc…) or a completely original title.
  5. Group Representative’s Name
  6.      Please appoint a group rep whom we could contact in the future once your entry has been submitted.
  7. Rep’s E-mail
  8.      The email at which we could contact the representative of the group.
  9. Submission Category
  10.      The category in which you are submitting (movie trailer, music video, television drama, anime, other).
  11. Download Link
  12.      Upload your video onto a file-hosting service and provide us with the link so we can download it. Please note: we will only accept links from:

         If you would like to torrent, we are willing to accept that as well, but please remember to seed the torrent.
  13. Streaming Link
  14.      If you have uploaded your video onto a streaming website (veoh, dailymotion, youtube, etc), feel free to give us the link! This section is OPTIONAL!
  15. Original Title
  16.      Please also include the original title of what you are remaking (artist and PV name, anime name, episode name, drama name, movie name, etc)
     A completed example of the above form is:
SUBJECT: NISEMONO: Lark~in~Cell - Flurry Skies
Group Name: Lark~in~Cell
Nisemono Title: Flurry Skies
Group Representative’s Name: Anna Molly
Rep E-mail: annamolly@dot-con.com
Submission Category: Music Video
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/
Streaming Link: http://www.youtube.com/
Original Title: L’arc~en~Ciel – Blurry Eyes

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