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Sub Doremisora / NewS Nippon 0304?

Hey there, is anyone (or anyoneS is good) interested in being a Japanese-English translator for Uchi's drama Doremisora?

I like what I've seen from the raw and I would really like to fansub this. So far I've cobbled together all the necessary skills or staff required for a fansub project except for the most important part of all. x_X So, volunteers? It'll be a really easy-going project, I promise. No need to worry about deadlines and if bad leechers insult you for taking your time about the project I'll help you beat them up! In my mind. But anyway. >.>

Also, I'm also looking out for timers/typesetters for for a one-off (currently, though I may decide to sub other JE videos if time and interest permits) project NewS Nippon 0304. Of course, I could decide to be a one-man show and do everything from the translating, timing to encoding, but that'd probably slow down the release by quite a bit, so of anyone's interested to help out it'd be great! As with Doremisora, it'll be a really laidback project. :)

So if you're interested, do leave a comment with your email! ^^
(note, the Doremisora translator is more important, so if you want to see more Uchi and know of anyone who might be interested please help me plug it to them! We need more Uchi love!)

(xposted everywhere relevant, sorry for the spammage!)
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