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[Translation/Scan] Newspaper article on Last Friends

Hello, here to post another translation again. As always, please excuse any grammatical or vocabulary errors. I tried the best I can and hopefully you get the general idea of what it's talking about. I've read it over a couple of times and I'm pretty sure there's no spoilers in the article (like last time, ^_^) But knowing me, there's probably some other mistake I made, if that's the case, please let me know, thanks!

Last Friends’ 10-hour Party Led to a Drunken Nishikido Ryo

The final episode of the popular drama, Last Friends, aired last Thursday. That same night, the cast and crew went to Tokyo’s Ebisu district to celebrate. According to the magazine “Weekly Josei” (Women Weekly?), the party started at 7PM, with all four of the main characters present. The celebration lasted 10 hours and didn’t end until 5AM the next morning. Ryo was in a really good mood that night. When the members of Kanjani 8 called him during their radio show (I’m assuming they’re talking about Recomen), he sounded more excited than usual, which could probably be attributed to the amount of alcohol he drank. With the drama doing so well and all, Ryo had very good reasons to be so high. From the drama’s humble beginnings to the incredible ratings near the end, it was all due to the hard work of the cast. The four main characters also became good friends because of the show, especially Ryo and Eita. The two were spotted last month at a karaoke place with friends. On a side note, the rating Kimura Takuya’s Change finally climbed back up to reach 20.9% for the recent episode.

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