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JE Panel at Otakuthon + K8 agenda binding xD

hey! I've been a lurker on this community for a long time now (i also posted a Ryo drawing more than a year ago xD) so most of you have probably never seen me xD (i do comment once i awhile though =P)

anyways, as the title says, this is to inform people in the Montreal area and around that area that my friends and I are hosting a JE panel at this year's Otakuthon and we need your opinions on games and what you would like to see/hear!

[follow this link to my journal and to reply even if you don't live in Montreal because we need to know fans' opinions? *puppy dog eyes*]

also, in my journal, i have put pictures of how i bound my Kanjani8 calendar with string. YELLOW string of course =P *shot*

so thanks for your time! and hope to get some repsonses ><
(also, if anyone could tell me how to make cuts to example, the middle of my journal? you know, not simply the journal itself but specifics parts of the entry?)

also, cross-posted >< sorry if it spams your friend pages!!
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