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(Fic) The Reason Why

Title: The reason why
Genre: Guess it's simply fun!!
Pairing: Marubaru
Genre: Slightly romantic
Rating: PG
Author’s Nothes: This story was inspired by one of honjani where I notice that Subaru cannot keep his hand away from Maru for even a while…. ^^. I think it’s very sweet that I immediately found the idea to make this.


It just seems so natural for Subaru to lean on Maru, clinging on him and just acting all spoiled near Maru. Even when they are on a show, he couldn’t stop this clingy act. It just feels so right to do so. It feels too good to stop.

Sometimes, he would put his arm around Maru’s shoulder from behind, pressing his body into Maru’s back and leaning his head on Maru’s shoulder and never leave Maru’s side for the entire show time. It’s just feels so comfortable to feel Maru’s heat on his own body. Their face would be so close that they could even kiss if Maru just turn his head around. He would mimic Maru’s act, like pointing into something together and smile when Maru smile.

Sometimes, when he is tired or feeling a little stressed out, he would look for Maru and borrow Maru’s lap for a quick nap. Maru would always stroke his head and reassure him that everything is going to be alright. When he got up he would feel all better.


And Maru has never utter even one word of complain. He seems comfortable to let Subaru do this kind of thing all the time. Maru even seems happy enough to return Subaru’s shows of affection by touching his cheek lovingly or just smile when Subaru is in his clingy mood.

He loves to have Subaru clinging to him and acting all spoiled to him. He loves to indulge Subaru in whatever way he wants. He thinks that this act of Subaru is extremely cute, though he never said it loudly to him, out of respect for Subaru.

 Sometimes they just look into each others eyes and smile, whispering something to each other and laugh together, oblivious to their surrounding, lost in their own world.


Maru believe that this is just a normal act for Subaru, since Subaru often does these loving acts toward all of the other members. He did not know whether Subaru is doing those for the sake of fan service or he is just a clingy person by nature.

He wants to believe that their relationship is special but looking at Subaru’s act toward the others……….He did not dare to encourage this hope of him.

He did not have the courage to speak his feeling out to Subaru since he did not want to destroy his special relationship with Subaru. He did not know whether Subaru has the same feeling or not. He is satisfied just by this affection that he and Subaru share, he did not dare to push it further.


So, one day, when Subaru suddenly call him and asking to stay over at his place he did not have any premonition of what going to happen.



“Oh, Shibuyan”

Subaru is using his favorite red T-shirt, tattered short pants, a pair of green flip flops and a hat that covers his beautiful long black hair. Maru has always love Subaru’s long black hair, he thinks it makes Subaru looks so sweet and hot at the same time (though, again, he did not dare to say anything to Subaru). His attention shifted to Subaru’s new nail polish. Apparently he has changed his nail color from black to a bright red. He is lost in though at how that nail polish looks so fit for Subaru and how it makes Subaru’s hand look merrier. Then he returns his gaze to Subaru’s long black hair which is tucked behind his ear and hidden in his hat. He remembers how beautiful it is to see that hair loose and just fallen naturally on Subaru’s face. How he wants to open Subaru’s hat and touched his hair.


“Oh?” Maru keeps on looking at Subaru’s hair and lost in his own thought.

“Can I come in??”

“Hmm?? Oh sure, forgive me!! Please come in!!”

He practically jumps to the side and opens the door wider so that Subaru can come in. He is just too lost in thought that he forgot to let Subaru in!!! Now he can feel that his face is all blushing because he was just caught in the act.  


Subaru just stormed inside his room and Maru immediately follow him. Subaru found a place in Maru’s couch and just position himself there and lie his head on the couch headrest.

“What would you like to drink? Coffee? Tea?”

“Coffee please”

Maru then go inside his kitchen and boil some water.

“Why do you need to stay over tonight Shibuyan?? Does something happen at your place??”

“Hmm? No, nothing happens. Just want to spend some time. It’s okay with you, right?” He said it with a tone more like a statement rather than question. Subaru raise his head and look directly at Maru’s eyes with his best puppy-eyed gaze. 

“Oh fine, I have nothing to do anyway” Maru knows that it is Subaru’s way of pleading, Subaru will not say it directly but he will plead with other way, like using this puppy-eyed gaze.

Of course he did not have any objection to have Subaru in his place. He’s more than happy to be able to spend some more time with Subaru. He is just worried of his own self control of having Subaru so near to him in the night.


“Here’s your coffee.” Maru sit next Subaru in his couch


“What would you like to do now to spend the time?”

“Hmm….I don’t really want to do anything”

Then Subaru just laid his head on Maru’s lap and make himself comfortable, lying in the couch. Now, Maru get his chance of realizing his imagination before. He opens Subaru’s hat and brush his long black hair, feeling the softness of Subaru’s hair.

Subaru doesn’t seem to mind, he enjoyed Maru’s touch thoroughly. He just closes his eyes and sighs contently. They just stay like that for a while, enjoying each other’s presence and touch.


When Maru feels that Subaru has fallen into deep sleep he lift Subaru, carry him into his room and laid him on his own bed. Maru cannot help but stare at Subaru’s sleeping face. At his falling hair, his closed eyes, at his slightly open lips, down to his neck.

He has to fight the urge to kiss Subaru’s lips, since he knows that once he does it he will not be able to stop himself anymore. So, he just let himself to stroke Subaru’s hair tenderly.

Slowly he started to stand up and move to leave the room. Since he realizes that his self control will not stand a chance to fight the sweet temptation offered right in front of him. He turned off the lights as he reach the door.

 “Maru? Where are you going?” Maru heard Subaru’s voice calling him just as he wants to leave the room.

“Oh Shibuyan, sorry to wake you up. I want to go to sleep now. Do you need anything?”

“Why are you going outside if you are going to sleep? Isn’t this your room?”

“It’s okay, you just use it, I can sleep in the couch outside.”

“Why would you need to sleep on the couch? Your bed is big enough for both of us to sleep right? Don’t worry, I will not kick you out of the bed in the middle of the night and I don’t snore too!!” Subaru raise himself up into half sitting position and support his body with his hands.

“Oh, but I snore very loud at sleep. You won’t be able to sleep” Maru try to find reasons to escape from Subaru’s offer

“It’s okay, I don’t mind. I can sleep at any kind of condition.”

“No, no. The bed will be so cramped and you won’t be able to get a good sleep if we sleep together. It’s okay, I just sleep on the couch” As Maru proceed to open the door and leave the room.


“Is it because you don’t want to sleep next to me?”

Maru could detect some hurt feeling in Subaru’s question. Maru hates to hurt Subaru. But he’s doing it for Subaru’s sake.

            “Of course not. That’s not the reason, Subaru. It’s because…..” Maru is trying to find the right reason to reassure Subaru.

            “It’s okay Maru….I know that I rather forced you to let me stay over this night. You are already doing me a big favor. It will be too much if you have to give up your bed too for me. I’ll take the couch.” Said Subaru while he started to get up from the bed


            “Wait Subaru!! It’s nothing like that.”

            Maru rushed to the bed to get Subaru back to the bed that he didn’t watch his way. He immediately tripped over on his way and pushed Subaru back to bed.

            “Ouch, Maruuuu!! You’re heavy!!”

            “Ohh I’m sorry Subaru. I cannot see my way” Maru raised his head.


            But too late he realize that he is making a huge mistake. By raising his head he is now staring directly to Subaru’s sharp eyes. Even though the room is dark, but at this close distance he could see Subaru’s face clearly. How Subaru make his eyebrow crooked, his temple wrinkled, his eyes questioning, his lips open like he wants to say something. It seems that he is also nervous by their sudden closeness, that he licked his lips slightly.

            That last motion is Maru’s undoing. He suddenly cannot stop the urge to kiss Subaru. At that brief moment, all his self restrain is gone and he lean closer and touch Subaru’s lips with his own. At that brief moment, all he could think about is only to kiss Subaru, enjoying the sweetness and softness of Subaru’s lips.

It is just when Subaru started to move under him, Maru’s consciousness come back to him and he immediately realize what he is doing and quickly pulls himself up.


Subaru did not say anything and Maru could not found the right word to be said. For a moment an uncomfortable silence envelop them.


“I’m sorry…..This is the reason why I cannot sleep with you on the same bed.” Is all Maru can said while he has found his voice back.

He quickly got up and prepared to escape from the room. That was when he feels something tug his clothes. It’s Subaru’s hand……

“Maru…..” Subaru called him softly.

“Baru, please let me go now. Just forget everything that happens just now okay? It’s my entire fault and I’m really sorry…..” Maru did not have the courage to look at Subaru, so he keeps his back to Subaru and stare at the door


Subaru did not answer him but he just put his arm around Maru’s neck and hugged him close.


“What the…..” Maru was very startled and immediately turn over to Subaru. Just as he turned, he found himself looking up to Subaru. Apparently Subaru has decided to stand on his bed.

Without letting Maru to escape again, Subaru quickly seized Maru’s lips with his own. Doing exactly what Maru has done to him just a moment ago.

Maru froze.

Subaru keep on kissing him intently and started to urge Maru’s lips to open with his tongue. Finally Maru opens his lips and Subaru’s tongue instantly invade his mouth and met Maru’s own tongue. It did not take long before Maru found himself replying Subaru’s kiss with the same enthusiasm.


“This is why I need to stay over at your place……” Subaru said softly

“What……” Maru seems to be too dazed to be able to think of ant reply.

“Shhhh…..Shut up and just kiss me”


Subaru doesn’t need to say that twice before they kissed passionately again.


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Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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