amatsuki (amatsuki) wrote in kanjani8,

Timers/Typesetters for Doremisora

Sorry if this seems like a repeat post, but this time I'd like to appeal for timers/typesetters (it'd be great if you could do karaoke lyrics too) for Uchi's drama Doremisora!

Our translator (who is bloody amazing, THANK YOU KIMI!) has just finished translating the first episode, so the only thing standing between us and releasing the first subbed episode of Doremisora is our lack of timers/typesetters!

I don't expect long-term commitment to this project (we'll take it one episode at a time :) and we're not on any tight schedule (just that if I did timing/typesetting it would take much longer because I'm swamped with schoolwork now) so it should be quite easygoing working with us.

So, to end this post off, if you can time and typeset and would like to see Uchi limping around on crutches looking emo, please volunteer! :D
Tags: requests

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