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Shiawase Gokko - 0712

 Okay~ as per </a></b></a>epicwaters's request~ Have scanned Shiawase Gokko Dec 2007~

And since I'm scanning, so might as well share in the comm~



The below are also in Bessatsu Furendo December issue~ 
** There's a back page on the concert which is too difficult for me to scan.. So give up..
Gomen for the crappy scan.. I tried to join Maru's face in the pics but tink I failed badly..
The problem was that I was using my sis's scanner which is located in a super weird area.. 
doesn't allow me to open it full and I refuse to tear out the pages from the manga...


Just in case there's some problems viewing the pics.

Link back to

</a></b></a>epicwaters's Shiawase Gokko - 0805, 0806
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