The Queen (qcobb) wrote in kanjani8,
The Queen

 Surprise Surprise... I watched the concert last night... and today I went back with my BF to Tokyo Dome to buy concert goods... and on a whim he bought us tickets for tonights show!!! I could not beleive it!! So we watched together... Now here are a few things I noticed:

There were a lot of differences between the two shows... Tonight, in Zukkoke Otokomichi they did their name version! 
The trio actually sounded good ;-)
They really turned it on... for the DVD???
An extra encore with Sukiyanen and Zukkoke

Now here is what I was really surprised at... those who saw the show last night might remember at the end... the platform rising with the boys under the fireworks... and then saying it was hot and it was hurting... We all thought it was funny? But after seing the show tonight... I guess they weren't kidding... tonight they did not raise the platform as the fireworks went on... instead the guys just walk out.

It was also funny how 2 of the boys did not have umbrella for their song... lol... They were the ones who's umbrella were damaged by the firework in the first show.

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