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[sharing] Kanjani 8 J-web Translation

Hi! Hi!
It has been a while I didn't start any post here.
still can't believe how working life really keep me busy and away from this JE's stuff...^^;...

Anyway, just stop by to update something (which may not be new here as I already saw some post about it).
I have started J-web translation over at my LJ.
I got the resources from, therefore the credit for this will go to this board.
My Japanese is zero, so I will translate these J-web based on the entries on this board which is in Thai.
There are 2 posts for Kanjani 8's (Touch! eco and a few when Ryo and Okura talked about "Wahaha").
You will see that there are not much of K8 yet and those 2 posts might be kind of old, 
but I will try my best to translate all and catch up with the up-to-date..^^..

Please come and visit when you have time..^^..

Hope to see everyone there..^^..

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