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[Fanwork + HELP!!] K8 T-shirt!

 Hello guys, I'm new to LJ and to the community... since this is my first time posting, I ask for your patience and please delete if not allowed.

The thing is, I'm going to a JE meeting with some friends in a few days, and I want to make a black T-shirt like Maru and Yassu wore during the One performance in Spirits con!!

I need some help because I can't get everything by just watching the concert. Does anyone have better pics of the T-shirt?

Here are two caps I took in order for you to remember which one is it...


Well, I just wanted to ask if anyone have better pictures of the T-shirt!! I screencaped a little, but still can't get the details u___u.

What are the kanji, and what do they mean?? I could simply copy them, but that wouldn't be fun :)...

And I also want to know... in the back of the shirt, I see all the members' names. Does anyone know the order they are written?? I watched and rewatched several times, but they don't show the back so much u___u.

Thanks in advance for any help!! If I accomplish making the T-shirt, I'll post it here for sure!! =)
Tags: fanwork: other, requests

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