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Translation of Pet Mini-Articles in MYOJO Feb. 2006

Hello, I just translated this page and thought I should share it. It's just a cute little set of mini-articles about pets, but it doesn't include everyone. I did, however, translate the following out of the included people:

-YamaP (2 dachshunds)
-Nino (1 Shibaken)
-Tsubasa (1 turtle)
-Taiyo (1 toy poodle)
-Ohkura (1 labrador retriever)
-Yasu (3 dogs)
-Yoko (1 dog)
-Subaru (1 Shibaken)
-Maruyama (1 parrot)
-Aiba (1 Pyrenees, 2 Yorkshire Terriers)


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