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Request for mp3s

Minna, I've already had my kanjani8's DVDs, but I have some difficulty on ripping the songs from the DVDs I have, so I wonder if anyone could help me ripping it..
The song I want are these :
From Excite DVD : So BAD!,Rekuiemu~ Uchuu no Kioku~, Kono hoshi ga kagayaku Riyuu, It's not over yet~ Owari no nai tabi~
I look for the tracklist from this post

And then the song they sang after 3rd MC and before Mugendai in 47 DVD encore..

Do you agree? (from either Excite or 47)
And then I saw eito's song titled Mermaid if I'm not wrong in one of SC 2005 eps, where Uchi was still there, and Ohkura didn't join other eito members while they were singing this, do anyone have this? Whether the SC version, or maybe the longer version?

Thanks and sorry for asking too much...
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