en (enshinge) wrote in kanjani8,

[translation] LIVE TOUR 2008 pamphlet + others

Hi, I come with several translations~ XD

- Eito - LIVE TOUR 2008 pamphlet:
Baru, Ryo, Maru, Yasu, Tatsu, Hina, Yoko, about each other (1/2), about each other (2/2)
(based off of scans thanks to usagil00lchan <3)

- an article from 8 years ago: Uchi, Shige, and Komori (Scan thanks to je_for8ver <3)
- the bulletin board in last Sunday's Shounen Club Kansai Jr. ni Q segment: Which sempai do the Kansai Jr.s admire?

Just a note, which thankfully many of you know already, please don't repost these translations. ^__^
Tags: concert, translation: magazine, translation: other, tv show: the shounen club

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