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JE Gathering in Montreal!!

So I recently made a post asking for what you would like to see at a JE panel. Thank you for those who gave me more ideas! ^^
Now that my friends and I know the time and date of our panel at Otakuthon, we can finally start trying to organize a JE gathering in Montreal! I know this is kinda last minute (kinda a lot x_x) but we couldn't really do anything until the time and date were set. Unless there are any last-minute changes, our panel, which will double as a JE gathering at Otakuthon in Montreal, is going to be on

Sunday July 27th
from 12pm to 2pm
at Otakuthon which will be held at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal

So if you're in Montreal and going to Otakuthon, please drop by! =) If you're in Montreal and have not heard of Otakuthon, check out their site here!

We put a lot of work into our panel so it would be nice to have people drop by! And it's always great to meet fellow fans right? =3 Especially when you can have the chance to try your JE knowledge in a bunch of different games, sing your heart out at JE Karaoke and possibly win stuff? =O

Interested? Want to know more about the panel? Planning to/thinking of droppin by? then click on the following link and head over to my journal! ^^

[ the JE side...*shot*]

x-posted..sorry if i spammed your f-page x_x it's for a good cause? xD
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