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[Request] "Ame-chan" Lyrics

Hello everyone!

I spent almost the whole day searching and gathering Kanjani's lyrics and translations... I even found some great unreleased songs I didn't expect to.

I got all Sankyoudai lyrics as well, except the one I wanted the most: Ame-chan. I fell in love with that song since I watched its performance at the Spirits!! Con for the first time, but unfortunately all my crappy Japanese allows me to understand is the phrase "Ame-chan ga daisuki~" XD.

I checked the whole tag for *translation: lyrics* in the com, but I didn't find it anywhere, so I believe it was not posted. Does anyone have the lyrics for it?? I would also love a translation!!

Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry to disturb you all! =D


Check the comments to see the lyrics and a rough translation. Thanks to the people who helped!!

Aaaah, ureshi naaa~ ^___^
Tags: requests, translation: lyrics

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