Marie (kikumarie) wrote in kanjani8,

2 black rangers?

 hi, i have a simple question.
I recently bought an official picture from the Johnny shop simply because i was just so curious as to what it was.
Basically it's Yoko and Maru...both dressed as the Black ranger....on stage.
That picture was in the same bunch as the Spring Concert photoset 2008 (maybe it was from another concert and i got confused....)
i was wondering if anyone knew the meaning of it and why was Maru wearing a black eito costume instead of his orange one.

i saw a fancam of that concert, but i did not see that happen in the eito maybe they did it for only one show?
if anyone has and kinda puzzled.
I would scan the picture, but alas i do not have a scan in my posession right now.

thank you for feeding my curiousity!


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