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I have a small requesttt~~ :D... I only just recently got into Kanjani (I blame my reccomendations radio on Last.fm XD; Not to mention the fact that Ryo is in kanjani and I"m a super ryo fan now ;_;'') anyhow.

Could anyone upload the mp3 and/or PV of Sukiyanen Osaka? XD; Super addicting like hoah. o_o;; I want to play the PV at work and dance to annoy my boss XD;; He hates it when I dance lawl. :D;

If anyone wants to upload anything else for me I would luv you so mucho ;o; *chuchuchu*

Ohyes hi I'm new 8D *wave* I'm yoru 8D okbye 8D;;

kind of ot, but if anyone can seed the spirits dvd torrent on jpopsuki for liek, TWO SECONDS i would LUV YOU TENTHOUSANDTIMESMORE. 'cause I'm stuck at 99% ;_; *sob ;o;*

okbye rly 8D;;;;;;
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