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Greetings from `Tomo`

To the members of Eden:

Hello!  This is `Tomo`, but many of you know me around here as [info]renchan5.  I apologize for not introducing myself sooner, but I have been on a week long vacation and have not had internet access until now.  

The decision to choose me as the new maintainer was at the sole descretion of debbie_chan and yuki_hotaru (creator of the community), so if you have an questions, comments, or concerns about their decision, please feel free to direct them at the creator.  debbie_chan is currently getting ready to move in two weeks, so they have asked me to pass that on to all of you.

As for questions, comments, concerns, or encouragement specific to the community, I have set up a mail account ONLY for this community.  It`s your direct line to me as the maintainer, and I encourage you to send messages that way.  

kanjani8seden [at] gmail [dot] com

Please mail me as a mature individual, the following WILL NOT recieve responses from me:

- hate mail
- demands
- spam
- rudeness

If you are angry, that`s fine, but please take a moment to calm down and THEN send a mail off.  Also please do not send me private messages, or mail my personal e-mail account.  I set up this mail account so that all of you can get in contact with me there.  Thank-you very much for your co-operation.

At the moment, I`m currently visiting a friend who will be leaving to return to her home country soon, so I`ll post a bit more about things when I am back home, but for now, here`s a little bit of an introduction to me:

Name: Ren

From: Michigan, US

Lives in: Kansai, Japan

Occupation: Elementary English Teacher

Age: 26 (27 in 11 days!)

How I got into Kanjani8: About 5 years ago, I did study abroad, and during that time my friend accidentally introduced me to Tackey & Tsubasa. (As Tackey was the model for Tidus in Final Fantasy X). That was my introduction into Johnnys.

When I arrived here 2 years ago on the JET Program, one of my friends told me that I should listen to this song that she liked, since I liked Tackey & Tsubasa. That song was `Sukiyanen, Osaka.` She also showed me the PV :) However, it was actually Subaru`s voice in `Naniwa Iroha Bushi` (which I had on repeat for nearly 4 days straight) that hooked me.

Yoko is my No.1, but I think it goes without saying that I adore all of these guys quite a lot. I still have not yet found the right words to describe it exactly. But someday, I would love to shake each one of their hands, look them in the eye, and say `Thank-you <3`, because this is the one phrase I can think of that comes close to encompassing it all.

Fun facts:
- My birthday is almost exactly one month before Subaru`s
- I`ve studied Japanese for over 10 years, both in high school/university and on my own
- I enjoy doing translations and reports when I able to
- I also run the Yoko translation community: yokoyama_you
- I used to teach at 3 high schools, but tranfered to the elementary schools one month ago
- My students and I regularly talk about Kanjani8 and Johnnys in general
- If you have seen the Tsuukai Everyday from the 31st of July, 2007, that is the city I live in <3 (3 of my students went to the taping and got to shake Maru`s hand as well)
- I also do YOSAKOI Soran dancing (Which you can see in the Hokkaido Honjani Specials from last year in June)
- My favorite color is Red, but lately more and more random black articles of clothing have begun to creep into my wardrobe
- Yasu is my clothing hero, followed closely by Subaru
- Subaru is my hair hero
- I graduated from college in 2004, and have a degree in East Asian Languages & Cultures
- I am certified to teach Japanese and History in the state of Michigan for grades 7-12
- Born and raised in Michigan, but I want to live in Boston if I ever move back to the US
- I have 4 kitties back home in Michigan <3
- I tend to take things at face value, but I`m not as serious as I come across as at times
- I start out a bit shy when you first meet me, but I warm up to people very quickly

If there`s anything more you would like to know, please feel free to ask!

I`ve been a member of this community for quite a while now, and I`m really happy that I get to give something back to it after all this time.  I look forward to working with all of you, and although I know that not everyone is happy with the decision of making me the maintainer, I hope that all of you will try to work with me and make this community even better than ever.

Best regards,
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