Ayano (ex_sue_chan927) wrote in kanjani8,

All of Me for You Karaoke

Maido minna-san, my friend yuki_chi (Yuki) and I (Ayano) sang a duet for Kanjani8's All of Me for You.

Yuki:  Konnichiwa minna-san, I'm part of this community too, but I don't think I've posted anything yet.....This song reminds me of the Backstreet Boys LOL
Ayano:  ...................BTW, we are calling ourselves Wi-nG^z

Wi-nG^z - All of Me for You

  This is ripped from a cassette tapes so the sound's a bit muffled.

Comments and constructive criticism is welcome.

If you like our songs, you can listen to the other songs we did (KAT-TUN's Precious One & Haruka na Yakusoku) posted at our personal journals.

Tags: fanwork: other

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