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20080820 京セラドーム con report

although i saw some reports of the same show, i decided to just share mine too...;p

20080820 京セラドーム
Opening talk :
I only remember some…I’ll update if I remember the others…
Subaru : *in a normal tone* Genkidesuka? (after hearing the loud response from the fans)…I think that’s great (すごくいいと思う)…I’m so happy.(すごくうれしいと思う)…It’ll be great if you could enjoy the show till the end(最後まで楽しんでくれたら、うれしいと思う)…I think I better go change(着替えようと思う)…*runs backstage*
Hina : let me hear from the child eighters!!! Oooo!!! Ok, next…I know it’s kinda embarrassing, but I wanna hear your voice…Male eighters!!!! (they were loud today)…wow!!! Iine…iine!!!
Maru : I’d like to sing a song today…月火水木金土は僕のうちの朝食は???です。。。しかし、日曜日はパンにしようか。。。フランスパン、アンパン、and other types of buns…でも、僕が一番好きなパンはみんなと一緒にここでやるパンです。。。パーン!!!(translation: from Monday to Saturday, we have ??? for breakfast at my home…but why not have a bun on Sunday? French bun, bean-jam bun, and other types of buns…but the bun (pan) that I like the most is the one we do together, here…paaaaaan!!!)
MC :
Yoko : Dokkun, you’re really high today…
Ryo : What makes you think so?
Yoko : I don’t know, but you were high even in the dressing room…also, you’re going to the beach tomorrow with Subaru right? I heard you guys talking in the dressing room…
Subaru & Ryo : *embarrassed*
Ryo : I asked everyone, right? Anyone wants to go to the beach tomorrow? Then, Subaru said, “I’ll go!”
Yoko : I wonder what you guys are going to do when you’re alone…What are you guys going to talk about?
Subaru : It won’t be interesting…
Ryo : If you say that, then I’m not going!!! *sulking*
Subaru : That’s not what I meant…I mean, there won’t be any boke and tsukkomi!!! It’s just going to be something normal…There’s nothing to be amused at…
Ryo :*agrees with Subaru* Aaaaaaah…yes, yes…*nods*
Subaru : But it’s not yet decided…I did say that I’ll go, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll really go…
Ryo : Yeah, Subaru is always like that…he says that he’ll go, but then he’ll never shows up!!!
Subaru : Well, I did say I’ll go…I’m kinda waiting for Ryo to tell me where and what time and stuff…
Yoko : Decide now!!!
Subaru & Ryo : Hah?! Nandeyanen?
Subaru : There’s no need to do that in front of everyone!!! We’ll decide later…
Yoko : Another thing, you guys bathed together today, right?
Subaru : *squats down covering his face*
Ryo : *turns red*
Hina : Not just today…they even bathed together yesterday!!!
Subaru : It was a coincidence!!! It’s not like we planned to!!! When I went in, Ryo was already there…
Yoko : Subaru can’t look at Ryo right now!!!
Subaru : *turns to face Ryo* No, that’s not true, right?
Ryo : Yeah!! Why are you doing this? *got mad at yoko*
Hina : Then explain to us…
Subaru : I went to the shower room last night and I heard Yoko and Maru in the ofuro…They were practicing ‘Hoshiimonowa’…
Yoko & Maru : Oi,Oi!!! Don’t say that here!!! Stop!!! And don’t try to change the topic!!!
Hina : Back off the two of you and listen to Subaru!!!
Subaru : While I was shampooing, I was listening to them and sometimes thought that the pitching was a bit too low….
Yoko : Yeah, that was me…
Subaru : After washing my hair, I turned around to see Ryo standing behind me…I was so surprised!!!
Ryo : Yeah!!! Subaru was like, “arrrggh!!!” Since there was only one shower, I had to wait for Subaru to finish washing his hair…I was waiting for a long time!!! He was REALLY washing his hair!!!
Subaru : *embarrassed*
Hina : What about today?
Subaru : Today, it was like we changed roles!!! I went into the shower room to see Ryo washing his hair…so I thought maybe I could surprise him…but when he finished, he turned around and was like, “hi”…I failed miserably!!!
Yoko : After they were done, it was my turn to go in…when I went in, the ofuro was filled with bubbles!!! And I stood there wondering what kind of a game were they playing in here?
Hina : I went in before them…there weren’t any bubbles!!! It was clean…
Ryo : There weren’t any bubbles when I went in!!! *looking at Subaru*
Subaru : It was because the shower was right beside the ofuro!!! They should have thought about that!!!! When I was washing my hair, the bubbles went into the ofuro!!!
Hina : You can turn the shower head in the opposite direction you know!!!
Subaru : I did!!! But it automatically turns the other way round!!!
Hina : Just turn it around again!!! *a little mad*
Subaru : I did!!! But it got a bit troublesome!!! I was basically having a fight with the shower head!!!
Tacchon : I have something to say…Subarukun, stop singing Mamoritai in the ofuro!!! You’re good so it’s kind of weird!!!
Subaru : *crouches down, covering his face*
Hina : He sang the lion king’s theme song the other day!!! *does a monomane of Subaru* “Shinpainaisa~!!!” (it was the Japanese version) You have a really powerful voice…so, even though you’ve closed the door, we can still hear you!!!
*fans were shouting for Subaru to sing, but were ignored* (HAHA, surprise, surprise…)
Yoko : Speaking of ofuro, which part do you wash first…(he said something that got everyone surprised, and he was like, “hmmm, that’s not right”…) after I shampoo, I put on the hair treatment, leave it on while I brush my teeth, then put some more hair treatment and wash it off…But I start cleaning my left arm first…
Yasu : Yeah, me too!!! I rub the ofuro cloth (towel?) together to gather foam, then I naturally start washing my left arm…
Yoko : Yeah…with the cloth in your right hand, you just move to the left side of your body, right?
Hina : I start with my neck…
Ryo : Me too!!!
Tacchon : I start with my leg…
Maru : I start with my back…
Yoko : majide?!
Maru : honma!!
Yoko : zettaini?!
Maru: zettai honma!!!
Tacchon : No one taught us how to bath!!!*sounded a bit mad*
Hina : What are you mad at?
Yoko : Back to Subaru and Ryo, make sure you guys go tomorrow!!! Take a pic!!!
Subaru : If we go, we will!!! I mean you take pics when you go to the beach…it’s a natural thing to do…
Yoko : Demonstrate to us how you’re going to take pic…
Subaru : We’ll just ask someone to take it for us…
Yoko : No, do a demonstration now!!! Everyone here is curious, right?
Subaru & Ryo : *move closer to each other, Subaru pretending to hold the camera, Ryo puts his arm around Subaru’s shoulder* Wait!!! What is this?! What ‘s the point of doing this?!
Yoko : *laughing histerically*
Hina : Subaru and Yasu should go get ready now…
Yoko : lets give them a big hand!!!
Subaru & Yasu : *faced the crowd, waving*
Yoko : a big round of applause for them…
Subaru & Yasu : *bowed and stood next to each other waving like beauty queens then ran backstage*
The rest then start talking about the dramas some of them will be doing…
Tacchon : On this week’s Yasuko to Kenji, Tsubaki-kun is going to go mad…
Yoko : pardon? ‘tarou to kenji’?
Tacchon : *looked troubled for a while then replied* No, it’s yasuko to kenji…
Yoko : What happened? Why didn’t you reply immediately?
Tacchon : I thought that I should tsukkomi…I wanted to say, “They’re both guys!!!” (Tarou is a guy name) but that doesn’t sound right…*laughing*
Yoko : What’s gonna happen to Tsubaki?
Tacchon : He starts imitating Kenji…
The rest : ooooooooo
Hina : I will also be appearing in a drama with Subaru, Arigatou, okan, which will be aired early october…it has been a long time…the last one was はぐれ刑事…
Yoko : What is it about?
Hina : it’s a story about this woman who adopted a lot of children and raised them…the both of us will be playing her adopted high school children…
The rest : HAH?! High school?! Ossan!!! Ossan koukousei!!!
Tacchon : which means that you’re not friends with Subaru (his character)?
Hina : we grew up together, but went our ways after graduating…
Tacchon : oh, so he’s not your friend?
Hina : we go our separate ways after high school..
Yoko : *got mad* You should have just said that he is your friend!!! SUBARU is your friend right?! He is a member of this group!!! He’s important!!!
Hina : *laughed*
Yoko : Dokkun will also be appearing in a drama, right? Sugoina!!! Ganbatte ikimasshoi, 1 liter no namida, last friends, ryuusei no kizuna and hikouki (plane)…*clearly forgot the title of the drama*
Ryo : Ah, Attention Please!!!
Yoko : sugoina…Ganbatte ikimasshoi, last friends, attention please, last friends…
Hina : why did you mention last friends twice?
Yoko : I did?
Tacchon : Can I just say that Yoko’s reactions towards my drama and Ryo’s are different…He was really serious when he talked about Last Friends, but when it comes to Yasuko to Kenji, he looks as if he is fooling around!!!
Yoko : It depends on the drama!!! If the drama is serious, then I’ll be like,*in a very serious tone* “Hey, I saw last friends last night”…if the drama is a funny one, *got very cheerful* “Hey, I saw Yasuko to Kenji!!!!”…
Tacchon : *unsatisfied* ok…whatever…
The rest : *laughed*
Hina : Ryo, this time it’s going to be different right?
Ryo : Yeah…this time my character is not that dark…it’s going to be cheerful…I’ve never done anything like this before…
Hina : yeah…the characters you play always have a secret and dark past…
Ryo : Oh, nothing has changed about the dark past thing…coz this time my character’s parents were murdered…
The rest : Oh, okay…*laughing weirdly*
Hina : ok, lets introduce the next performance…
Maru : the next one is by Subaru and yasu, followed by ryo and tacchon and then by the three of us….*went silent*
Hina : just call them already!!!
Maru : I thought that the fans were going to clap…
*fans clapped*
Maru : Thank you…here they are, Shibutani Subaru and Yasuda Shouta with Desire….
Double encore :
Ryo was the only one who has changed clothes…he wore a black tank top and jeans and a hat (the word ‘LOSER’ was written on it, if I’m not mistaken)
Triple encore :
They started of saying, “donna hoshiino? Donna hoshiino?”…
Tacchon had a towel wrapped around his head and glasses on…he suggested they sing sukiyanen since it’s Osaka…during this song, Subaru was pretending to be some kind of a monster and was attacking Maru…He chased Maru around the stage…The two of them were in their own little world…after the song ended, Hina called on Maru, Tacchon and Yasu who were still giving fan service to come up to the main stage…Yasu was the last one, so they all started to thank yasu…”yasu, arigatou….sankyu, yasu”…Yasu looked clueless…and got back to the main stage…
Yoko : Lastly, Yasuda Shouta!!!
Yasu : *waves*
Yoko : You guys should never forget this guy…Yasuda Shouta!!!
Yasu : *waves again*
Subaru : Last but not least, Yasuda Shouta!!!
Yasu : *hands in air*
Yoko : Lets hear a word from this guy…Yasuda Shouta!!!
Yasu : I love you all!!! (omaera aishiteruzo!!!) *turns around to the rest and told them to stop….but they continued for about 3 times more*
Yoko : Finally, Ohkura Tadayoshi!!! *3 times*
Yoko : Last but not least, Nishikido Ryo!!!
Ryo : *waves*
Subaru : Lastly, Ohkura Tadayoshi!!!
Tacchon : mou eenen!!!
Subaru : *facing in front, bowed* Arigatou!!! *turned to his left, Maru followed him, both bowed and said arigatou!!!*
The members followed one by one until all of them had joined and said arigatou together…Subaru then told them to stand in a circle, facing each other and said “Arigatou!!!” all together...
Maru : Lets spend a great summer!!!
Yoko : Summer is already ending!!!
The rest : *laughing*
Hina : Wait!!! We are supposed to be ending this…yet we’re turning it into another mc!!! Akan!!!
The rest : *still laughing and talking*
Hina : lastly, dismissed!!!
The rest : *laughed*
Subaru : lets spend a safe summer!!! Last but not least, Yasuda Shouta!!! (although Yasu had already left the stage)
Tacchon : *left the stage* Haha!!!
Happenings :
1.      This time after hitting the Japanese drums, tacchon walked up to the front of the stage so that when maru appeared, he was standing in front of Maru!!! Yay for Tacchon…and this time, he put his drum sticks together and played the flute….Maru lost, Tacchon won!!!
2.      when he was promoting his drama, Tacchon went, “oh, what was that?!”…it seemed that he heard a loud bang coming from behind the stage…
3.      Yoko made a mistake during Osaka Rainy Blues…They were supposed to be standing along the stage…but yoko just went straight up and missed his position…when he turned around Hina and Tacchon were calling him and pointing to him, “you should be there!!!”…Yoko just walked sheepishly to his right position…when they had to move to the stage across the hall, he was seen asking Hina whether he was supposed to be standing on the left or right…Hina pointed to the right, so he went…
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