Akira (tatsukura) wrote in kanjani8,

This is from Eito's Fukui Sundome Concert on July 12th. I know it's really late but I was being too shy to post it because, well, it's an odd con report in that...I swear, I think it's one of the longest con reports ever written. But if anyone wants to read almost exact account of what a concert experience is like (this was my first concert so I kinda went overboard--didn't want to forget ANYTHING XD) with things I noticed as a first time concert-goer then please read~ It also has a pretty accurate almost word-for-word MC report, and a bunch of other stuff...so yeah. *runs away and hides*

Also, originally, these were all emails to friends, so they may have random references. Sorry 'bout that. Written in the days following the concert. Very incoherent and tons of screaming and randomness, but hopefully someone will find it mildly interesting?

chapter one/prologue: Before the con )
chapter two: The concert part one )
chapter three: the concert part two )
chapter four: the concert part three )
part 5/end )
Tags: concert, reports

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