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[multi-chapter] 8 Ranger's dilemma

I actually wouldn't post a fanfiction here because I know many people don't like to see them here but I post it because I got the idea for this fanfiction from the "Let's love Kanjani8 and post half naked pictures"-post some weeks ago.
It comes from the "half naked 8 Ranger save the world"-idea *laughs*

Title:8 Ranger's dilemma
Pairing: until now only Blue x Green but the rangers are open to everything =D
Starring: Kanjani8 as 8Ranger and B.A.D as B.A.D
Genre: Crack, drama dilemma!
Chapter: Part #1
Summary: The 8 Ranger have to face a major problem: There uniform were stolen, only their ranger-colored shorts and helmets are left. This time all of them give their best to get their uniforms back.
Words: ~650

(Everything peaceful in Eito-city? No...)

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Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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