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Open to requests!

After having been computer-less for a week, I am finally able to indulge in my JE obsession again. ♥
Because that makes me a very happy Bochan, I want to share the joy.

So, in order to do so... I'm open to requests!

How this works:
  • I will upload FIVE (5) files. This is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • This is on the condition that those files are less than 300mb in size. If the file is larger, I will upload only four files. On the other hand, if you request something less than, say, 150 mb - I will upload more. 
  • Only ONE file per requester. Let's give the others a chance as well, okay?
  • I might take a while to finish uploading the files. Coincidentally, it's also my brother's birthday so I won't be online for the entire evening. Patience is key, because I will upload what I promised.
  • Choose a file from my K8 list~... It's not a hundred percent up to date, but most of the things missing are the smaller news reports.
    • There are several files already uploaded. The links for these can be found in the above list as well.
  • No bitching, please. Politeness (and decent spelling) go a long way. ♥

It's up to the requester where I upload. You can choose from the following possibilities:
- Clubbox (Edit: my CB is always open for requests)
- Sendspace (max size is 300mb)
- Filefactory (max size is 300mb)
- YSI (it says up to 1GB files, but dies on me when they're over 100mb. So max size 100mb)

No MU, unfortunately, since I still can't upload anything bigger than an .srt file there - and that only after several tries. ^^;
When a file is over the limit of the above options, I'll chop it up in pieces and you'll have to join them with HJ-split. I'm sure everybody's aware of the procedure, right? ♥

PS: People on my flist need not worry about lining up. Just tell me what you want, and I'll make sure you get it. *big hearto*

Kanjani8 - [EXCITE] - Eden.mpg - 32.3mb (Sendspace)
Kanjani8 - [EXCITE] - Heavenly Psycho - Tadayoshi Okura.avi - 52.0mb (Sendspace)
[honjani]20040824-071-DancingSP.mpg - 235.0mb (Sendspace)
[J3Cube Kansai]20021217 - Ohkura, K8 announce.avi - 211.0mb (Sendspace)
V.WEST - Believe My Story - Let's Go! Let's Go!.mpg - 72.0mb (Filefactory)
V.WEST - Shota solo - Shelter.mpg - 33.0mb (Sendspace)
Kanjani8 - clip - Uchi Eden.wmv - 17.9mb (Sendspace)
Kanjani8 - 20060531 - Sarujie.wmv (Yoko&Ohkura) - 115.0mb (CB)

Return of the edit, part verymuch: Right now, I'm still accepting one big file and one under-100mb file for direct downloads. Clubbox requests are always open, btw - they don't count towards the above limit. ;D
I'm sorry for those of you who are only seeing this post now, but that's all. I hope you enjoy the requested files, though~ ♥
Tags: tv show: other, tv: honjani!, worth buying!

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