Cattness (cattness) wrote in kanjani8,

Link to K8-Uploads XD

Two weeks ago I started this upload-all-K8-stuff thingie and almost all Honjanis are up now ^^ XD
Also Music Jump, Shounen Clubs, random old Jr shows, J3cube, Urajani, Mugendai, Suka-J, Fancams etc ^^ Feel free to request as many files as you want, since it's easier to upload when you know what to upload. Don't be shy, my upload speed is fast enough you should have a 300mb ep in a few mins XD

*Shines* K8 Uploads and Tradelist

Also, I want to know what the eef happened to the Hokkaido (B) that was supposed to air on 060711? *unshiny* I've looked through alot of CBs, Japanese forums, Chinese etc and no sign of it x.x

EDIIIT: I GOT THE HONJANI XD *shines on Murasaki_five*

Thanks to Rabupink who also shared the link XD I won't upload this ep to sendspace, mu whatever since Murasaki_five asked me not to XD STILL GO USE THE LINK RABUPINK SHARED ♥
Tags: fancam, tv show: the shounen club, tv: classics, tv: honjani!, tv: suka*j

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