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Good afternoon! and a request from the Maintainer

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well!  I know many of you have started the new school year (or new term) this month just like me, which brings all kinds of fun things.  It also means that we are all pretty busy, I imagine. >.<

In my previous message, I had said I would be shutting down the k8_com_group at the end of August, but due to work and other obligations, I wasn`t able to.  Therefore, this weekend I will be sitting down and moving things over to this community, and then I will be deleting that community.

As things, such as the sidebar links, will be moving to the main community, I have a few reminders and requests:
  • If your community is listed here, then you may apply to be placed in the Monthly Spotlight again.  However, please understand that I will not give out `permanent` positions, and if you do reapply, you have to wait your turn.
  • If you do apply for the Mothly Spotlight, your community MUST be related to Johnny`s/Kanjani8.  Recently, communities have applied that are completely unrelated to this community.  Read the rules before you apply.
  • Tag your entries please!  Everyone has been doing a great job lately! :D
  • We are NOT allowing sales posts on the community anymore, and this applies to giveaways as well.  Recently some were posted, and were deleted because some contained sales posts in the links to the information.  Read the rules before you post.
I will post again sometime this weekend to update you on the move. :D I hope everyone has a good weekend!


EDIT: The community has been deleted, and I have moved the community posts here:
How to apply
Back Issues

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