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Monthly Features! (Back Issues)

Welcome to Monthly Features: Back Issue Edition!

Here you can find the communities who have been listed in past editions of the Monthly Features. (As posted in the sidebar).

Looking for a translation community? How about a place where you can sell those magazines or goods you don't want anymore? How about a fansub for Honjani? Icons? Wallpapers? Maybe even a "..._daily" community? Look no further!

You've come to the right place! (^0^)/

Kanjani∞ (Specific):
eitokaraoke: Kanjani∞ Karaoke Community.
eitokickass: Kanjani∞ Subbing Community.
eito_ratings: Find out which Kanjani8 member you are most like.
kanjani_awards: Kanjani-icon Awards Community.
meccha_omoroi: Kanjani∞ @ NEWS Episode Book Community.
sukkiyanen: Kanjani∞ Calendar Scanlation Community.
kanjaniaday: Kanjani∞ Daily Community.
musekinin: Kanjani∞ Subbing Community.
k8summary: A weekly update on news, downloads, translations, etc.
eito_screencaps: Kanjani∞ screencaps sharing community.
eito_br: A Brazilian community dedicated to Kanjani8 where the fans can discuss about the group in Portuguese.
eitoreinjya: a Kanjani8 fanprojects community.
eito_gifs: A place where everyone can share their K8 gifs.
kanjani8_quotes: A collection of Kanjani8 quotes.
aysubs: A Kanjani8 English language fansubbing community.
osfansub: Kanjani8 Spanish fansubs.
kanjani8gifaday: A daily dose of gorgeous animations with our favourite boys! ^^
kanjaniji8: Kanjani8 French fansubs and forum.
eito_addict: A french fansub community for Kanjani8 since 2009.
kanjani_fanfics: We are a new fanfiction community, related to all Kanjani8 members, feel free to join and post your fictions here.
8ers: [English] Spanish fansub community, releasing videos mostly related to Kanjani8.
[Spanish] Comunidad de fansub en español, dedicada mayormente a lanzamientos relacionados con Kanjani8.
eito_dramas: a community focusing on Kanjani8 acting activities.
eitokun: Eito archive community.
k8_library: An index of much of the public Kanjani8 fanfiction out there. Please check it out!
recomen_2012: YokoHina's Recomen in 2012. Updated weekly.
eito_scan: a place for fans to take a lot of Eito's scans (mags, booklets, pamphlets, clearfiles, etc.)

Shibutani Subaru:
subaru_awards: Subaru-icon Awards Community.
baru_says: Subaru Translation Community.
barugifaday: A daily gif community dedicated to Shibutani Subaru.
yasuba_prompt: Fanfic prompt community for Yasuba fic writers and readers :)
baru_world: Community for Subaru's jwebs (Eng/Thai), radio shows, performances, etc.

Uchi Hiroki:
ryo_uchi: The community for the cutest couple ever, RyoChi~ ♥
uchi_daily: The daily community for Uchi Hiroki.
original_pinku: Uchi Hiroki Community.
uchi_a_day: Uchi Hiroki Daily Community.

Nishikido Ryo:
ryoaday: Ryo Pictures Everyday Community.
ryo_awards: Ryo-icon Awards Community.
ryo_uchi: The community for the cutest couple ever, RyoChi~ ♥
ryopinlove: a community only for Akanishi Jin, Nishikido Ryo, and Yamashita Tomohisa
ryogifaday: A daily Nishikido Ryo gif community.
ryoinaction: A community for all of Nishikido Ryo's dramas.
je_sugar4spice: A fanfiction community revolving around Yoko and Ryo, for all pairings including the both of them.

Maruyama Ryuhei:
maru_awards: Maru-icon Awards Community.
maruyasu: YamaDa (Pairing) Fan Community.
daisetsuna_hi: Translations of Maru's jweb entries.
marukura: A community centered to two members of Kanjani8 namely Tadayoshi Ohkura and Maruyama Ryuhei.
maruhina: Community celebrating the crack-love between Maru and Hina!

Yasuda Shota:
maruyasu: YamaDa (Pairing) Fan Community.
shiawase_shota: A community dedicated to Yasuda Shota.
yasu_awards: Yasu-icon Awards Community.
yasugifaday: A daily gif posting community dedicated to the wonderful, talented, cute, hot and colorful Yasuda shota.
yasuba_prompt: Fanfic prompt community for Yasuba fic writers and readers :)
ohyassumi: A "revived" fan community dedicated to the discreet yet adorable pairing of Tadayoshi Ohkura and Shota Yasuda.

Ohkura Tadayoshi:
ohkura_awards: Ohkura-icon Awards Community.
okuragifaday: Daily dose of gorgeous animations of our lovely drummer!
marukura: A community centered to two members of Kanjani8 namely Tadayoshi Ohkura and Maruyama Ryuhei.
ohyassumi: A "revived" fan community dedicated to the discreet yet adorable pairing of Tadayoshi Ohkura and Shota Yasuda.
nichiyoubiokura: Livejournal community dedicated to the radio show "Kanjani∞ Ohkura Tadayoshi nichiyoubi sukkyanen"

Murakami Shingo:
maruhina: Community celebrating the crack-love between Maru and Hina!
recomen_2012: YokoHina's Recomen in 2012. Updated weekly.

Yokoyama You:
yokoyama_you: Translation Community for Yoko.
yokodiary: Daily Yoko Jweb translation community with something special thrown in.
yokogifaday: A different Yokoyama You gif posted everyday!
je_sugar4spice: A fanfiction community revolving around Yoko and Ryo, for all pairings including the both of them.
recomen_2012: YokoHina's Recomen in 2012. Updated weekly.

Johnnys Communities (arranged by category):

cigarettealiens: JE Collaboration Community.
je_life: Bridge the gap between JE fandom and real life.
johnnysarefans2: Music Community for songs Johnny's Artists Listen To.
jep_cast: Japanese Entertainment/Johnny's Entertainment podcast.
je_texcircle: JE Texting Community (must live in the US).
je_schedule: Find NEWS & Kanjani∞'s future schedules.
japan_now: A community for Japanese entertainment news.
johnnys_outlet: Compilation of places to buy Johnny's goods.
epic_colours: Graphics, blogcrews, and contests about any fandom.
aramatheydidnt: Japanese version of ohnotheydidnt -- bringing you the latest Japanese entertainment news.
je_help: Help for JE fans in or visiting Japan.
je_cookiedaysx: JE related scans, subs, graphics.
justonlynotes: Justonlynotes is a community where you can find piano notes, guitar notes, among others of JE bands. MODS NEEDED!
jequoteaday: This community posts a quote from a Johnny's group, including Kanjani8, each day!
je_ultrastar: It's a new open-membership community dedicated to sharing Johnny's songs for UltraStar karaoke game.
jestaytuned: Community for JE-related news.
jefandom: JE fandom index community. All entries will also be posted here.
je_syndrome: a spam/flail community dedicated to our JE boys
yumenohajimari: A community dedicated to the Golden Age of Johnny's Entertainment.
dozchan666: dozchan's downloads moved to her own community.

Crack and Fun:
capslock_je: Capslock Community for JE.
j_pop_humor: Where the crack belongs.
jefl: Where Johnny's funny lists are posted.
youtachi_macros: Macros featuring JE members.

Drama Communities:
utaoni: The community for the renzoku "Uta no Oniisan".
thequizshow: The Quiz Show series community starring Yokoyama Yuu and Sakurai Sho.
diaryofaya: Translations of 1 Litre of Tears' Kito Aya-san's diary.
joker_jdrama: A community for Ryo's new drama, "Joker Yurusarezaru Sousakan".
umareru2011: community dedicated to 'Umareru' jdrama that starts on April, starring Horikita Maki & Ohkura Tadayoshi.
dmat_drama: Livejournal community dedicated to TBS' drama Dr. DMAT

Fan Meet and Greet Communities:
canada_johnnys: Community for Canadian Johnny's Fans.
eitofans_kanto: A network for fans living in the Kanto area
johnnys_koi: Johnny's community in the Spanish language.
johnnys_daigaku: Community for JE fans in colleges/universities.
je_philippines: a community dedicated to Filipino Johnny's Entertainment fans.

Fanfiction & Fanart:
je_ficgames: JE Fiction Festival.
je_squickfic: JE Dark-FanFiction Exchange Community.
jent_fanfics: JE fanfictions!
jentfic_remix: JE Fanfiction Community.
misetekure_je: JE Fanart Community.
jesm_exchange: JE/SM Crossover Fic Exchange.
popversified: An Asian pop/rock fanfiction community.
fukafukalove: Kanjani∞ Fanfiction Community.
JE Rarepair Anonymeme
je_playground: A community for JE fanwork.
wecan_makeit: an Italian fanwriting community.
je_whiteday: A het fanfiction exchange centered on the boys of Johnny's Entertainment. Sign ups are open from December 1 to 18, so join now :)
jfic_playground: theme-based fanfic community

je_icons: JE icons.
je_nomination: JE Icon-Nominating Community.
thesexgods: JE graphics and fanart community.
jnew_icontest: Icontest of various Japanese idols.
jent_lims: A Johnny's Entertainment-themed Last Iconmaker Standing contest.
je_awards: A Johnny's Entertainment icontest.

Role-Play Communities:
4gems: AU Asian Entertainment Role-Play Community.
starstruck_ooc: Asian Entertainment RP Community.
jdrama_rp: A JE roleplaying game based around making j-dramas
tres_reinosrpg: A Japanese Artist AU RPG set in the 1800's
discordia_rpg: J-Artist roleplay in a supernatural boarding school.
lovesha_game + lovesha_ooc: A yaoi Johnnys AU RP game based on Love Shuffle drama where characters exchange lovers.
shinkawa_rp: A "small town" Japanese entertainment RP.
masterballs + masterballs_ooc: a Johnny's Entertainment RPG set in the Pokémon universe!
koenji_house_rp: A fun little Eito RP where the guys are housemates in a share house.

dai_dassou: JE Scan Community.
je_ikemendump: JE Scan Community.
orenji_petals: Scan Resource Community.
terebi_gaido: Full scans of the weekly magazine, TV Guide!
bittersweetscns: Personal community for Kanjani8, Arashi and TOKIO magazine scans.

je_mix_fansubs: Community that Subs JE-related Videos.
o_e_subs: The new home for [O-E] subbed videos.
ind_subs: A subbing community for various fandoms including Kanjani8.

Outside of LJ:
On The Rainbow: Site for JE Lyrics.
Everything JE: All about JE fandom.
Ryo Translation Blog: Translations of Ryo related magazine articles.
K8 Update: Official updates on K8 happenings on Twitter.
Gnilp Lasso: A Place for JE (mostly Kanjani8) pics and discussion.
Ongaku: A board about Kanjani and other Je-bands! Also includes tv shows, dorama's and so on!
Italian fansubbing team: Italian fansubs for all JPop groups.
JDownloads Fansub: A Spanish fansub dedicated to all things about Japan.
Johnnysnews.com: Daily summary/news on all Johnny's Groups.
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