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Advertise Your Communities!!!

Hello kanjani8  members!

Want to advertise your community? Become a featured community in the Monthly Features on the sidebar?

You've come to the right place! (^0^)/

As the rules of the community state, we are no longer allowing advertisement posts on the community.  However, we invite you to advertise your community here in the sidebar of the main community. 

"How do you do this?" you ask?!

It's simple!  Read the rules below, and then post a comment to this post!

  • Your community MUST be related to Johnnys and/or Kanjani
  • Include the following when you apply:

  • Please make your description only one or two short sentences. We reserve the right to edit your descriptions if they get too long.
After you apply, I will update the Monthly Features in the sidebar once a month, on the 8th of each month.  Please put your requests in before that date.  If you miss, there is always next month :D

*All comments will be screened*

I will NOT do any of the following:
  • give permanent spots on the sidebar
  • respond to demands or rude questions
You may ask to be added for as many months as you want.  But if communities apply over and over, I'll have to put a 'once every 2 months' limit up, or it becomes the same as a 'permanent' position.  Also, if there is a shortage of applications, I'll just start posting communities from back issues so that everyone has a chance to be seen.

Thank you for your understanding!  I hope to see lots of new communities advertising :D

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