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Messages from Johnny's are fake

Regarding those messages supposedly sent by the Johnny's (those complaining about the fans), I'd like to inform everyone that THEY ARE FAKE. THEY ARE MADE-UP. I'm in the fanclub and I haven't received anything. I waited all this days to see if I'd receive something, but I haven't. Neither have my Japanese friends who are also members.
I read all the comments from the different JE group's communities, and nobody has received anything. If you don't believe me, you can see for yourself here, here, and here.

I know that it is said that the boys from Johnny's have done something like sending a letter to the fanclub members before (maybe more than once), and maybe that one might be true, but this one DEFINITELY ISN'T. This one was not handwritten, it was not signed and, worse, there wasn't even any mail sent to JE fanclub members.

Judging from the way the messages were written, it was probably made-up by a 13 year-old who believed she was helping by doing so. Doesn't anyone think it's at least strange that no senpai wrote any message this time, that the messages were written in extremely unpolite Japanese and that a 15 year-old was the representative? Doesn't anyone find it strange that no one has received this supposed mail?

Just because some young Japanese girls believed this and copied it in their blogs, it doesn't make it true. You shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet, guys. Blogs don't hold the truth, even if they are Japanese blogs.
It's not my intention to spoil the fun, but I just hate to be deceived. And this time, not only me, but hundreds or maybe thousands of people were deceived as well.
And I'm not saying the guys don't have the right to complain. They do have the right. But the truth is that THEY DIDN'T complain, at least not this time.

Thank you for your attention.

(cross-posted everywhere, sorry)

Edit: masuda_takahits, who is a native Japanese and who is also in YOU&J just gave me this translation of an old message from Tsubasa. She wants all of us to understand that 'warning stalkers and spreading fake documents are different problems'. This is what she wrote:

This is a translation of Tsubasa's handwritten message from the warning sent by Johnny's and shown at Family Club during 2005-2006 to warn stalkers, feel free to copy this if it's valuable.

"I've heard that there are people who are telling lies on the unofficial 'mails' or 'websites' to make fun of fans confused and unfortunately there are lots of people who believe them, that I felt sad a lot. Please never believe except Johnny's web(*J-web) and Johnny's net!"

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