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Kanjani8 "The Television" 2008/07/19-25 + Kanjani8 Bromide Collectable Cards

Hello minna! ^O^

I know I've been very lazy in posting this only now...so please forgive me ^^"
I've been in Japan this summer, and I would like to share with you this Kanjani8 stuff I found.

(to my journal...douzo!)

The first scans are from a weekly television guide I bought in the Shiraoka station in Saitama...it's not a famous magazine like Myojo or Popolo, it's only a TV guide, and the article is quite brief...but the poster and the summer calendar are cute ^^

The second ones are cards I found in a pack of Kanjani8 Bromide Card Collection. If I'm not mistaken, in every pack you can find 9 concert photo cards, 1 big sticker and 4 little stickers of one of the Eitos (the stickers are totally 5, but you find only 4 beacuse the fourth little one was the same photo of the big one ^^). I've found Ryochan...so lucky! XD ♥ 
I'm sure this is not official JE material...I hope it's permitted to post this! ^^" anyway, in Harajuku there are soooo many unofficial shops that you can't really count them!

Have a good day ^O^/

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