Lili-Anh Le Minh (sunanbu_chan) wrote in kanjani8,
Lili-Anh Le Minh

Uchi look-a-like? xD

Ok so i saw this random picture of Nana Kitade this morning and it HIT me. She looked A LOT like Uchi xD (but only in this picture) So i went and searched for THE Uchi pic where he has the same pose but failed to find it on the internet...x_x I had it in my other computer that CRASHED with my 1-2gb of JE pics and i dunno how many gb of vids T____T ANYWAYS. I did find some pics where they look similar...also, another little thing i noticed...

( You'll see what i mean + Yamapi? O.O )

i'm not sure if i tagged this right sorry if i didn't >< (I haven't been on LJ in a couple of months because all the updates in my JE communities are too overwhelming...that's what i get for leaving and being internet-less for awhile x_x)

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