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Lyrics - almost all eito's

Yeah, my first post bringing something to the community (or at least to some people I hope). To celebrate their 4th year debut anniversary, here are almost all Kanjani's lyrics. Yeah, I said "almost", I still have a few blanks to fill in, sorry...

Okay some points because my entries are in French
- all group lyrics are colour-coded and whenever there is a version with Uchi this is the one I used as a reference (including Mugendai)
- I don't guarantee that the colours I used are 100% accurate, it's sometimes hard to tell their voices apart when there's no video to help so if you find some mistakes or have some doubts don't hesitate to tell me
- I have almost no credit for the romaji lyrics, I took them from general j-pop lyrics databases, yamatsumi, debbie_chan, ryoholic_hiromi, solitair and maybe some others I may have forgotten about, sorry... The only ones I romanized myself are those I couldn't find anywhere.

So here you are :
- first an alphabetic index
- and then an other index ordered by single/album/solos...

I'll keep updating these indexes so have a great time singing with eito (^_^)

I didn't know how to tag this post, I hope this one is ok even if these are only romaji lyrics...
Tags: translation: lyrics

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