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Need help, please!

**Update - Problem now solved. Thanks everyone!**

I hope it's okay to post this here (mods - please delete if it's not, thanks).

I purchased quite a few magazines from an Ebay seller in Osaka. I really want to share what I have but I'm having a lot of difficulties trying to post thumbnails. I registered with Imageshack and I get as far as the codes but when I post these codes into my entry, either nothing shows up or the entire code shows up instead of a thumbnail pic. I've been trying for hours to figure this out, without luck and I'm just about ready to tear out my hair.

I would appreciate any advice from any Imageshack users. Thanks very much!!

Tags: request

p.s. - Thanks mods for fixing the tags and for your understanding in not deleting this. :)
Tags: !: information, !: question, requests

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