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[NEW] Ryo-chan Daily!

Heeey guys i decided that was a need to spread Ryolove thus i made a community dedicated soley to him!

and in contributuiion to this commiunity...

got some youtube links of

Ryo umm being sukebi with Pikachu...(disturbing but cute...i think...)
Kanjani8 eating curry - muahaha Uchi makes me laugh he is CANNOT eat spicy!
Ryo molesting someone...
Ryo and Uchi and a KAWAAII baby! (one of my fave clips)

All in ryochan_daily please check out!!

i posted some links to One Litre Tears (just finised watching it) and a clip of RYO being naughty hahaha...

arigato! muahaha love Osaka Rainy Blues...makes me wanna dance...

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