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[je] fic: yoroshiku douzo (various implied)

Title: Yoroshiku Douzo
Written: 241008
Summary: It's Yasuda Shota's first day at work.  Various pairings/combis implied. AU. WC: 1650.
Fandom: Johnny's Entertainment.
Notes: VERY LAME FAILED crack inspired by Kanjani8's 'Musekinin Hero' PV, which is the most amazing incredible INSPIRING thing ever. LOLZ.  and also by the 'love song' segment from the 080924 episode of Janiben.
Disclaimer: Is my surname Kitagawa?

“are you sure you saw this person, shota?” maru still appears confused. “we don't have a janitor.” )

x-posted to jent_fanfics.
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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