Karen Pang (minlilin) wrote in kanjani8,
Karen Pang

NINKI index for Musekinin Hero

Since Musekinin Hero will be released next Wed in Japan , the NINKI index for it has been released already .

The NINKI index is where Oricon polls 400 people & ask this particular group of people on whether or not will they buy a single/album that's scheduled to be released a week prior to the official release date .

& so for Musekinin Hero's case , it's :

NINKI SINGLES for 10/29 Releases
#1 194.30 関ジャニ∞(エイト) 無責任ヒーロー 10/29
#2 122.90 コブクロ 時の足音 10/29
#3 73.60 矢島美容室 ニホンノミカタ -ネバダカラキマシター 10/29
#4 49.70 坂本真綾 雨が降る 10/29
#5 46.50 MilkyWay タンタンターン! 10/29
#6 35.60 WaT 36℃ 10/29
#7 33.90 シド モノクロのキス 10/29
#8 26.00 清春 loved 10/29
#9 24.10 misono 家族の日/アブラゼミ♀(大阪バージョン)-ピアノ・バージョン- 10/29
#10 19.00 アンティック-珈琲店- 小悪魔USAGIの恋文とマシンガンe.p. 10/29

This's just a rough gauge as to how will the single fare , it doesn't necessary mean Musekinin Hero will sell that much or not but it's nice to know that it's pretty much a shoo in for the top spot when it's out next Wed in Japan .
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