okadarei (okadarei) wrote in kanjani8,

The Random Rangers

Hi Mina-san!!! This isn't the final post about this Random Rangers Cosplays, I'm still editing all the pictures and uploading the rest of last weekend Barcelona's Manga Feir into my Facebook, but I wanted to show you how our Eito Rangers Cosplay resulted. We have filmed the process while making them, and we hope we can match all the videos and update them ASAP. We had a funny time, meeting other Johnny's fans, and taking loads of pictures with them. ^^

It was a busy weekend, but Saturday was the Rangers' Day!
It's our first J&A's cosplay, and we wanna do more... ;D

Ok, I have to leave now, I'll keep you updated with the rest of the "official" pics we took ^^



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