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[FICS] RyoUchi & HinaYasu

Title: First
By: osakaromanesque / nana_murakami
Pairing: Ryo/Uchi
Rating: NC-17. Smut.
Author’s note: This is somewhat of a spin-off of my “Everlasting Scene” fic (you can read them at my writing journal. This time it focuses on Ryo and Uchi’s relationship at an early stage.

it's gonna suck. literally and metaphorically 8Dv

( Uchi Hiroki had always been good in everything he does. Well, almost everything. Perhaps academics wasn’t his strong point, but everything else, he was good. )

Title: Memories in the Rain
By: osakaromanesque / nana_murakami
Pairing: Hina/Yasu
Genre: AU, angst
Author’s note: Yes, another “Everlasting Scene” spin-off. It seems that I think I have a series of spin-offs for this fic (Yoko/Hina being one of them). Or maybe it’s just me who has no other ideas. annnnnd i'm not really that happy with the outcome of this ;__;

( But there was no escaping it. Just like there was no escape for him. No. No escape. Not anymore )
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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