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JE Fan Meet-Up/Gathering in NYC/East Coast

I have been meaning to post this but I keep forgetting and I've been a little busy. X3; And, I'm always nervous about posting in big comms. x_x

I’ve been considering having a JE Meet-Up in New York City possibly for KARAOKE, GAMES, and FANGIRLING?

[#] Karaoke is common but I also wanted to possibly play some fun games with everyone too! I was thinking of setting up SHOUNEN CLUB-like games with Mr. X, Intro Don, and such! I’ll try to provide from prizes as well for winners! Also, there might be punishment games! (I can’t guarantee if they WON’T include shocking or yucky drinks) I hope this would draw more people to come and join us! Please don’t be more scared to come! D:

Of course, you can always just karaoke if you want! XD

WHEN: To be decided (possibly end of November)
WHERE: Karaoke Duet 48
TIME: 1pm-8pm (You don’t have to stay for the whole time)
PRICE: $13 (tax included)
OTHERS: Snacks and drinks are available for a price, or you can order in from their selection of restaurants
NOTE: The karaoke lyrics are presented in Japanese. There’s no romanji! I myself can’t read Japanese so I print out the romanji lyrics for myself. I suggest you do that as well…?

If you're interested please come over here~~~

x-posted X3

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