Tai (sisterjune) wrote in kanjani8,

Kanjani8 Love quiz and Sanbaka picspam

Well this is a weird thing to pimp in a comm but I already posted it to my flist a few days ago and it's been received well so I figured I'll post it here for anyone who wants a go at it ^^

I made a Kanjani8 love compatibility quiz It sounds dumb but it was fun to do and it's I think better than the last one of those tests that floated around fandom. Basically you answer questions and it tells you which K8 member your most compatible with. and no questions about what your favorite color is this time XD

Basically several of the questions were based on questions eito has been asked during interviews or radio shows and other times they've discussed love. Obviously stuff like your fave body type or what kind of man you prefer is not related to eito interviews but things like "would you choose friendship or love" was pulled right out of duet/potato i forgot which one actually XD. Naturally some of the members answer the same thing so that's why not every question has 7 unique answers/options to choose from. Anyway the test is short (8 questions) and rather simple looking but it actually took quite a looong time to do as alot of thought went into it so, I hope people enjoy taking this ^^ I'm already glad to know some of you who have taken it really liked it.
Also big thanks to kipani_mariko for helping me alot on this quiz, with grammer editing and html and suggestions on how to improve it and also for bugging me to finish it XD cause otherwise I probably never would have!

Also last year around this same time actually, I posted a ossans/sanbaka picspam and recently I've added ALOT of scans to it. and also reorganized some of the pics to make the dates more correct. Just a heads up for anyone who is interested~
Tags: fanwork: other, scans

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