LUNACCHI (lunacchi) wrote in kanjani8,

2009~2010 calendar

hello! nice to meet you. i am new to LJ.
i am lunacchi, korean-canadian, and my favourite members in KJ8 is kimi and baru.

i was wondering if anyone know if kanjani's 2009 calendar is released yet.
i saw 2008~2009 being posted on the group, but did the new one for next year come out yet?

my friend in osaka ordered it for me, but i want to see what it looks like!

also, does anyone know where i can buy a kanjani motif 6 holed diary/agenda?
(that goes with omake refills from the calendar)
sorry i am quite new, and i don't know where things are available...

any help is appreciated!! thank you in advance. ^0^
Tags: !: question, requests

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