Tai (sisterjune) wrote in kanjani8,

YokoHina and YokoBaru picspams :D!

Hey all! I finished the other day, what was a 3 day process XD (though mostly cause I have the attention span of a knat) my Yokohina and baruyoko picspams :D I would have done a baruhina one to round out the sanbaka/ossan sanin love but molkita beat me to it. So I decided to just do these instead ^_^ It's easier that way anyway XD

So for anyone who is interested, here you are:
YokoHina picspam~ warning about this one it's VERY large, like 114 pics and I posted everything fullsize so just be aware.
SubaruYoko~ this one is much much smaller. i could only find 20 pics on my HD for these two so that's what i ended up with XD

and if anyone knows where I can get a scan of the image my icon came from, I'd be really happy if you'd tell me about it. cause I wanted to add the pic to my baruyoko picspam but coudlnt find it anywhere ;_;
Tags: picspam

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