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Long time, no see! :D

Hello everyone!

I hope all is well with you, and that it`s not too cold (for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere) or getting too warm (for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere). :D It`s getting entirely too cold here in Kansai, and I am going to have to turn on my overhead heater soon!

OK!  So onto the business at hand. 

1. Remember to tag your entries!  All in all, everyone is doing a wonderful job of tagging their entries.  I believe that anyone who is a member of the community can tag an entry that is already posted, so if you see an entry that is missing a tag, please feel free to help the person out.  We have lots of new members who aren`t used to the tags just yet, so please help them, Veterans :D

My mistake, this isn`t quite the case.  But I still ask that the veterans of the community help me in encouraging people to tag their own entries :D

2. Please use standard sized fonts and colors when posting entries.  Posting in giant, red, ALL CAP letters does not get your point across, and hurts the eyes a bit.

3. DO NOT repost the original text of JWeb entries.  Reading this entries is a privilage that people who are living in Japan pay for each month on their cell phone bills.  It is also something that is frowned on by Johnny`s.  Translations are ok, but DO NOT repost the original text.  In the future, if I see original text posted on the community, I will delete the entry.  Your cooperation is much appreciated. :)

The topic of a new layout has been brought up by some of the members, and I will be doing something with that.  However, I ask that you please wait just a bit longer, and then when the new year begins, we`ll get the gears in motion for that.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to mail the maintainer at:

kanjani8seden [at] gmail [dot] com

I hope that everyone has a wonderful end of the year season, and we`ll be having some polls and a discussion coming up in the new year! :D


EDIT:  I`m rather shocked at the negativity coming from many of your comments.  There is no need to personally attack anyone because they live in a certain place or have a certain job.  This is the internet and many of us if not most of us do not know each other in real life.  Next time, please think about how you would feel if a random person on the street walked up to you and said nasty things about you when they know nothing about you. 

If you have a problem with me personally, I ask you to mail me at the address given above, and we will talk about it like mature people.  Thank-you
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