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[Report] Ohkura Tadayoshi Solo Concert (Nov. 26th & 29th, 2008)

I have written a concert report for Ohkura's solo con in Osaka. I went to two shows; one was when Uchi came (Nov. 26th) and the other was when Ohkura talked for 40 minutes (Nov. 29th 2nd show). If you like the Veterans (Hamanaka, Muro, Ito and Kikuoka from the Kansai Juniors), I think you'll enjoy the MC report, too :-)

Actual concert report for Nov. 26 & 29 -

MC report for Nov. 26 & 29 -

(I suggest you read this report first if you haven't yet; it's from the Tokyo show in October I went to and I've explained things in more detail. You might not understand a few things in the November report if you don't read this first.)
Tags: concert, reports

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