greentacchon8 (greentacchon8) wrote in kanjani8,

[request]kanjani8's spring concert fancam

Hi! this is the first time i'm posting to this community
i'm very sorry that my first post is a request but i just found out about kanjani8 and am crazy about them they are so funny:)
i was looking at the old posts and found a sprig concert fancam but the post was locked and i could not download it :(
and i look all over for it but could not find it...
if someone has the spring concert fancam and can kindly provide me with the links where i can download it, it would be very much appreciated 

in return i uploaded a J3 kansai episode

Thanks in advance!!

request fulfilled bysatellite16 
Tags: concert, fancam, requests

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