murii (murii) wrote in kanjani8,

Xmas gifs

I minna~ Is Xmas season, so I made some gifs with the present that you will want xD eh~ was very interesting make the snow, I think it looks very nice :D I don't know so much the snow, 'cause in my country in christmas is hot, very hot I must say xD today I survived xD but I made snow 'cause santa lives in north pole xD

emm, I made with specific colors in arashi and k8 and I put ryo en k8...
I don't have problem in change the color if you don't like, and if you want another person with the effect please don't be afraid to ask me I will make it for you :D and tell me the color ^^

that is all, please enjoy ...


The color edges are not a part of the icon :D

here @ murii

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