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Question to Australian JE Fans

Hei guys! G'days! i've got several question to Australian JE Fans

i am planning to move to Australia, i'll be spending couple of years at Sydney.
Due to my current addiction to JE i would like to do a little research.

How's the life of JE fangirls (boys) out there? I mean, is easy or not to find related JE staff at Sydney or anywhere around it?
If none, how did you guys buy Single, Album, DVD, magazine, etc? Online? How is the shipping price, high or not?
Also, how about the internet connection? since i'm nowhere to stop regular dose of many variety show. And I heard from my friend that the internet connection is quite limited (!!), is that true?
Is there any Japan TV (esp the ones that airing JE related show) that broadcast there? cable or pay tv?

Thanks a bunch!!!
PS : sorry for spamming your f-list, but i need to find out
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